Salt with cranberry

Salt mix with fresh cranberry 

Salt from the upper water of the White Sea is saturated with forest cranberry juice. It has a bright sour aftertaste. A distinctive feature of the composition of cranberries is a large number of pectins. Berries contain sugar, anthocyanins, catechins, betaine, organic acids - citric, malic, oxalic, ursolic, chlorogenic, succinic, oleander and others.

We recommend to use salt blend in salads, with meat, fish, cereals and in desserts and pastries

Salt type Sea salt
Place of origin White Sea
Addings wild cranberry
Вкус необычный, солёно-кислый, но очень сбаланстированный. Придаёт блюдам очень тонкий, приятный привкус.
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